Hye Tension

HyeTension was born when frontman/guitarist Chris Kasbarian and lead guitarist Carter Auch started playing and writing together in 2007, and decided to form a rock’n’roll band. In their formative years, HyeTension spent their days writing and shedding, eventually performing in Northern Virginia (NoVa) and D.C. with bassist Jonah Welt and drummer Jake Simon. After graduating high school in June of 2012, Jonah and Jake left HyeTension to pursue academic careers and the band began a 2-year hiatus. In late June of 2014 drummer Sam Khalaji and bassist Ryan Sheehan joined the band and HyeTension came back to life, releasing ‘The Observer” EP in August 2014. They began gigging their way through Richmond for the next year, adding the River City to their circuit as they reemerged in NoVa and D.C. Utilizing riff-oriented, guitar-driven melodies, combined with vastly different musical influences spanning from rock to electronic to jazz to middle eastern music to punk, the restored lineup revamped and repolished old material and continued writing new songs as well with a heavier, darker, fuller sound. On February 29 of 2016, HyeTension released their first full-length album ‘Virtual Ritual’ in the US and across the world. Their music video for ‘Glass Elevator’ was not far behind it, dropping to the Internet on March 15. Since then, HyeTension has continued to perform regularly in Richmond and the D.C./MD/VA area, bringing their raw, high-paced, energetic music to audiences of all ages, leaving them with a full-bodied and unique musical experience. HyeTension: pay attention.